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Blah Blah Blah Magazine Feature: Indian Handcrafts- On the Edge of Success

When I was originally asked to do up a story about Barrie Indie-rockers Indian Handcrafts, the topic, at the time, was that they had been added to the roster for Edgefest 2012 alongside Canadian rock acts including: Billy Talent, Death From Above 1979, and The Sheepdogs. And, for a two-piece band from a small city outside of Toronto that was pretty big news. The write-up was going to take the angle of how important it is for a band from Barrie to play in Toronto as much as possible. Sadly, that whole idea was nearly blown to smithereens when, preparing to carve a concerto of words (checking Facebook, Reddit, doing some dishes, laying on the couch for a bit, checking Facebook again, etc.), I noticed an update from guitarist, Dan Allen that was much, much, more interesting: Indian Handcrafts had just signed a recording/management deal with Sargent House of Los Angeles. When I finished cleaning the bits of Lucky Charms from my computer screen, after a “Holy FuAARGLE” moment, I contacted Dan. While discussing the hows, whys and whens, I realized the relevance of my original theme. You see, one of the major perks for a band hailing from Barrie, Ontario is living on the fringe of one of Canada’s biggest cities. With the loss of Molson Park we now have to face the fact that Barrie is known, to the rest of the country, as “about 40-minutes North of Toronto.” Such a close proximity to the big smog, allows a Barrie band to immerse themselves into the deep waters of competition and find out if they sink or if they can swim in a major market. Thus, putting them in a position where the right people will be exposed to their music without being inconvenienced. Such is the case for Indian Handcrafts. Although Allen considers Barrie an extremely supportive and family-oriented scene, he believes that playing frequently in Toronto is how the band started getting noticed. Further to that, Indian Handcrafts had shot a video in their jam space for the song Red Action. Through a series of connections made in Toronto, the link to said video found its way to Sargent House Owner, Cathy Pellow. Soon after she had this to say on her Tumblr blog, titled I’ve Got the Hots for This Canadian Two-Piece: “You know I love 2-pieces right? Well, Indian Handcrafts has gone and done it to me. I just can’t get this Canadian duo off my mind or off my stereo. I would like to go on record that I predict they will be making some waves in 2012.” Early last month, Pellow updated her blog post: “A little while back I posted about how much I wanted this band. Well, I’m delighted to say Indian Handcrafts is now officially on Sargent House and they will be recording their debut for us in March/April of this year.” Inspiring, isn’t it? Just a 40-minute drive could be the difference between a local band and a label band. The future is bright for Indian Handcrafts, and I look forward to keeping you updated along the way. Until then, check them out on Youtube, Bandcamp, or live on stage at Edgefest 2012: July 14th at Downsview Park, in Toronto.
- by Noah Cambell